28 November 2019 Back to Blog
Blacksad Under the Skin

G4F Localisation has teamed up with Microids to provide dubbing in French, English and German for the game.

Developed by Pendulo Studios & YS Interactive, and published by Microids, Blacksad: Under the Skin is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC (soon on Nintendo Switch) .

The game offers an original story in the universe of the eponymous graphic novel. With dozens of dubbed characters (some new and some from previous Blacksad adventures), Blacksad: Under the Skin offers gameplay combining investigations, puzzles and multiple-choice dialogues in a somber atmosphere characteristic of 1950s detective novels.

The cast includes some famous voice actors, including Barry Johnson as our hero: Blacksad. He is well known for his roles in Detroit: Become Human and Beyond: Two Souls, among others.

“Blacksad himself offers up a decent take on the noir lead, with his voiceover commentary laced with weary cynicism and flashes of tender empathy. Gamespot.com

The cast includes other talented actors such as Sharon Mann (Syberia III, Detroit: Become Human), Akil Wingate (Division 2, Song of Horror) and David Gasman (The Council, Furi) directed by Doug Rand, regularly involved in Pendulo’s projects.

“Every voice actor does a brilliant job at encapsulating their character” Pushsquare.com